Thursday, August 20, 2009

Makeup Kit/Traincase

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So I wanted to do a post on what you should have in a makeup kit if you're starting out in makeup. Keep in mind that everyone is different and you may not always agree on what you should have. But this is my point of view. Check it out:

Creams, liquid, powder, pressed powder. It's good to have a variety to choose from. Some clients prefer you use mineral powder. Some want extra coverage so they opt for liquid. Either way, it's a good idea to have at least Liquid, Powder and Cream. Some brands you may want to consider are Makeup forever, MAC, Graftobian, Benefit or even Revlon colorstay if you're on a budget.

Whether it's cream, pressed, or loose, eyeshadow is one of the most important thing you will need in your kit. Eyeshadow is sometimes the only thing a client cares about. Get neutral eyeshadows such as creams, browns, light pink, champagne's etc.. Remember, some people don't like over the top makeup. Some like a more natural look. It's also essential to get wild funky bright colors for the clients that want party makeup.

Blushes, Bronzers-
Pretty simple. You can get 10-15 blushes and you're good to go. Or you can go for the costalscents blush palette if you're on a budget. Bronzers are good to have for adding sun glow to the face. Some brands are Sonia Kashuk, MAC, Nars, etc.

Most of your clients are going to want lashes. So you should definitely invest in them. Some popular brands are red cherry, ardell, Mac, Select lash. Use duo lash to apply. It is the best lash glue. Have a different variety to choose from. From a natural lash to a very dramatic lash. Even individaul lashes.

Pencil, liquid, cake, gel. I wouldn't pick and choose here. These types of eyeliners are in my kit. Not everyone is comfortable wearing liquid liner. Some get allergic reactions. So it's good to have alternatives. For cake/gel liners, you really only need black, brown, and maybe one other bright color if the mood strikes. As for lipliners, pinks, browns, neutrals, and clear are good choices. Remember to get them in different colors. Like for example get four or five different pinks. Do the same for the other colors.

You can have a volumnizing mascara. Maybe you want one that curls your lashes. You should invest in a few different ones. Have atleast one of two waterproof mascara's for the clients that tend to tear up. Get them in black or brown. Use disposable mascara wands. Never use the lash comb it come with. That is extremely unsanitary.

This is where it's important to have as many as you can get. Red, pinks, frosts, nudes, browns, plums, wines. These are colors that are musts in you kit. Remember to never use the applicator it come with. Use disposables or a lip brush you can sanitize. Grab some carmax or lip conditioners because 80% of your clients will have chapped lips.

Primers, eye bases-
Invest in eye bases because they're the most important thing when it come to eyeshadow application. It will not last as long or even show up as vibrant if a base isn't used. Invest in a face primer for foundation. It will help the foundation last longer and even make the application much smoother. If you client has oily skin use oil blotting sheets or oil control powder. If your client had dry skin, use a moisturizer before or after the primer.

It's good to have palettes. That way you don't have 400 loose eyeshadow compacts in your kit taking up room. One of the most popular palette's out there are MAC palette's. These come with 15 empty slots where you can put depotted eyeshadows. They cost about $12 MAC PRO online or at the MAC pro store. I recently saw them on their Mac cosmetics website. If you're on a budget, It's good to invest in the 88 palette's. They are sold on or I have seen them for half the price on ebay. If you're clients include brides, invest in the 28 palette that has pinks and browns.

Brow kit-
Brow gel, tweezers, brow powder (or eyeshadow), miniature scissors should suffice. Even a brow pencil.

90% alcohol, sponges, makeup remover, apron, baby wipes, aspirin, hand sanitizer, cape, disposable wands, mints (Altoids), cd's(for mixing products such as foundation, concealers or lip glosses), cotton swabs.

It's really important to have brushes. Foundation brushes, blending, crease, pencil, flat, angled, eyeliner, tapered, shader, blush, stipple, concealer, buff, face, contour brush and so on. Invest in a brush belt or holder so they're not lying around and it makes your job easier when you're on a gig. Use brush cleanser and sanitizer to clean your brushes through.

Of course you need something to carry all these wonderful products in! You can use a rolling aluminum traincase which is the most popular kind. Or a regular traincase you can carry yourself. Make sure it's big enough to carry everything you need. Don't get one that fits exactly everything you're gonna need. Get one that's a bit bigger because trust me your kit will grow.

Airbrush kit-
This is completely optional and not all Mua's have one. It just gives a dewy flawless look. It's very popular for brides and sometimes photoshoots and fashion shows. They run anywhere from $200-$900. The contents can depend on the type of kit you buy. It may only have the airbrush compressor. Some have a few foundations to start you off with. Look at some youtube videos if you want to see how they work and what type to invest in.

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