Friday, August 21, 2009

Theresa's bridal makeup

Hey guys

So a few weeks ago I had a bridal gig in Burlingame. Luckily it was with one of my favorite clients that I had previously done makeup on a few times before. Unfortunately I got there about half an hour late but no worries, I called her in advance and told her I would be there a few minutes late and she said it was fine. I had to go from San Jose where I was with another client to there and well, it wasn't an easy transition. My sister came along with me and had a gps in her car which I refused to use because I hate those things haha. I always get lost because they're not always accurate so I brought my own directions. We ended up using the gps anyway and we got lost. Ain't that something. I was extra worried because Theresa wasn't able to make it to our consultation the day we we're going to have it and we couldn't re-schedule so basically I needed to come up with a look on the actual day of.

Anywho I got to the hotel where the girls were getting ready. I was doing makeup for the bride, and two of her bridesmaids and flower girl which happened to be her daughter =].

I'm gonna do a follow thru of what I did on each one. For Theresa, since we hadn't had a consultation she said do anything you want I trust you. Normally I hate when my clients say that because ultimately the makeup is for them not me. I asked her if there was a look she had in mind or any specific colors. She said brown. I ended up doing a smokey brown look on her. I used blanc type, rice paper, espresso, and scene from mac. For her lips we decided to do something toned down but at the same time have a little color. I opted for Revlon Creme Gloss in Strike a Rose (Yes I use drugstore too!). She loves loves loves this color. I had used it before on her and she's been hooked ever since and she wanted that color for sure on her wedding.

Next, one of the bridesmaids mentioned that the colors of their dresses were orange which I already knew. She wanted anything that would compliment her but would still go with her dress. No problem. I decided to do oranges, gold, and cranberry's. I used, well a lot haha. I used a hip orange eyeshadow (I forget the name), mac goldmine, mac carbon, mac sushi flower, mac blanc type (my fav highlight!) and a jordana cranberry eyeshadow. The eyeshadow looked AMAZING! Everybody loved it including the bridesmaid. She absolutely loved the colors together.

For the next bridesmaid she wanted something VERY natural. No problem. I decided to use my estee lauder quad that had pinks and browns. I did a sweep of pink on her lid and smoked out her outer corner with one of the browns. I applied a light creme color as her highlight. For her lips we did a natural gloss with no sparkle. Even though it was toned down she looked great.

At last I was left with the flower girl. I barely did anything because she's so young and I hate when MUA'S blast pounds of makeup on little girls with perfect skin =]. I added a light pink blush to the apple's of her cheek's and combed through her eyebrows with a brow gel. For her lips I added a pink gloss that brought out her lips. Too bad you can barely see her in the picture. She's the one on the far right with the flower on her head.

The girls. So adorable!

The beautiful couple!

In the end, everything was completely worth it. The bride was so happy with the results that it made up for the fact that I had slept 2 hours the night before. Bye guys!

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