Monday, January 25, 2010

Color bombshell

Hey guys,

So a few months ago I did a video tutorial on a very requested look. I had a picture on my myspace and I got a lot of requests to do a tutorial on it. So here it is:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bitchslap Cosmetics

Hey guys,

So I haven't blogged in while but I'm back! This time I'm gonna talk about Bitchslap Cosmetics. I'm sure many of you have heard of this line but for those of you who haven't, here's a little something something on it.

The company is founded by a girl named Kathy (Last name?). I don't know too much about the rest of their products but they have these amazing color wheels that have four highly pigmented colors. Each quad has a name and they come out to about $18 each wheel. You can find the line of cosmetics here.

Credit goes to for the pictures

Blue Eye'd Bitch:

Crazy Bitch:

Deadliest Bitch On Earth:

Evil Bitch:

Innocent Bitch:

Jealous Bitch:

Sweet Bitch (My personal favorite!):

Here's a few pictures of some of the affiliates of the company rocking the makeup:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Too faced Eyeshadow Insurance Policy Palette

Hey guys

I was on the Ulta website and I saw that too faced had a palette with six amazing colors. It also came with a a full size tube of too faced shadow insurance which I love. I was particularly excited because I was already running out of it and here I could get it along with the palette. The palette and the shadow insurance together is $35.00 A full size tube of too faced shadow insurance is approximately $17 meaning that I was getting the palette for about $18. That's huge savings. Too faced shadow palettes are always about $30 and up. Of course I HAD to get it. So yesterday I went to Ulta with my friend amber (also my assistant). I opened the tester palette and the colors were SOO beautiful

The color that I thought I wasn't going to care for too much turned out to be one of my FAVORITES. The color was Glamazon. It's this beautiful silver fawn color. What you see in the picture is almost basically what you get except for Glamazon because the picture does not do justice. My least favorite would have to be Boy Toy (Pink). It's a beautiful color but I loved all these colors that it's my least favorite. Good for girls who love pink. Anywho, I definitely think this palette is worth getting. I'm thinking of picking up a back up just in case ha.

Swatches coming soon! Check back.

Bye guys!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Drudstore products

Hey guys

So I wanted to take some time to talk about drug store products. I know we always want to get a good deal on well..everything ha. Most of us are on a budget and it doesn't always necessarily mean we have to give up a few luxuries like makeup =]. I'm always trying to stress how you don't always have to use high end makeup to get quality results. It's all about your skills and how well you can work with what you have. Even if you had almost the whole MAC collection it doesn't mean you know how to apply it. It's important to know that you can use drugstore products in way that makes them look like they cost you an eye and an ear.

Below are a few pictures of makeup I have done using drugstore products. There might be one or two high end products involved but sometimes you have to mix and match to get the cheap stuff to work haha.

This picture is actually my default that I used as the icon. This is an example of half high end products and half drug store Products used here were:

MAC e/s top hat
MAC e/s avalanche
Loreal hip pigment
Loreal hip shadow duo (Just pink side of the brown and pink duo)
Jordana e/s peach
MAC studio fix fluid
Botanics pearls bronzer
MAC C-thru lipgloss

This is a look I did on a Model who was taking a few sexy shots for her boyfriend so excuse the cleavage ha. Again her I used about half and half

MAC e/s scene
MAC Ricepaper
MAC Blanc type (Best highlight My fave!)
Victoria's secret e/s vice (Best purple e/s I've ever used!)
Jordana e/s
Jordana blush
Elizabeth Arden lip rose
HIP cake liner

I've actually posted a similar picture on here before.
I've done a lot of photo shoots but if I have to prove a point I'll use them a few times haha. Here I only used DRUDSTORE produtcs.

Loreal Hip e/s duo (Purple and gold duo)
Revlon colorstay foundation
Wet n wild lipstick (Forget the name)
Maybelline Blush
Maybelline xxl curl power mascara
Nyx lipliner

The following pictures are looks I created using the 120 palette. No other e/s are used here aside from the 120 palette.

My eye haha. This is actually using the 88 palette

Bye guys!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

MAC Make up Art Collection Haul

Hey guys

Today me and my assistant Amber went to MAC to check out the MAC Make up Art collection. I had a few things I wanted to get already in mind so I had an idea of what I was going to get. When we arrived there was a sketcher sketching pictures of people. We went straight for the the collection. My first thought was, where's the high strung lipstick? Oh well I guess they ran out. I wanted to get the "in the gallery" quad and the "photo realism quad". In the end I opted for the photo realism quad and the Notoreity quad, personal taste lipglass, violet trance e/s and prr lipglass that wasn't in the collection but got it for my sister.

There was another e/s I wanted to get called strike a pose that was in the "love that look" collection. It was this gorgeous teal eyeshadow. They were sold out =[ I went to the mac counter at my mall but they were sold out as well. Darn. Just have to get it online. So instead I got Sumptuous olive to get over my disappointment.

Unfortunately something is wrong with my scanner/camera thing so I can't put any of the pictures I took. But here's what the products looked like based on the pictures from the website:

Yea I couldn't find a picture of prr lipglass but whatever.

We were there for a total of three hours haha. We looked at the products for a while than their artist sketched a picture of us, went across the street to benefit while we waited for it to be 1 pm. Amber had an appointment with mac to get her makeup done there to see what it'd look like. And even after we got out of there, we still went to the mac counter at our mall to see if I could get Strike a pose there. The collection was pretty good. Definitely worth checking out.

Bye guys!