Friday, August 21, 2009

Sneak peek into a photoshoot

Hey guys

I recently did a video on a sneak peek into a photo shoot. A lot of people have never seen what a photo shoot is like and who's part of it and what goes during one. Which is why I made one. It didn't go into too much detail but it gave my viewers an idea of what it's like. It was basically two shoots in one. I have a model friend (at the time just a model, now my friend as well =]), who contacted me through Model Mayhem to do her makeup for a shoot in my city. I agreed wet along to the shoot. The shoot was really fun. There was a hairstylist as well which made it better. The more the merrier =]. Any who two days later I did another shoot with her but this time with another photographer in San Francisco. I took mini clips in both shoots so I could make a sneak peak vid for my subscribers. So the first shoot is in my city and the second clip is in SF.

In the first shoot I did a midnight blue smokey eye. I used Revlon matte eyeshadow. The dark blue one. Who said you can't use drugstore in a photo shoot?! I also used an electric vibrant blue to tone it down in a way and create a lighter color effect. Sometimes with eye shadows instead of using a white or highlight e/s to create a lighter effect you can use a lighter version of the the other e/s to give you the same or better results. For her lips I went with a bubbly pink lipstick gloss and paired it with a darker pink lip liner to give the effect of plumper lips.

For the second shoot I did very sexy smudged eyeshadow. Like the "I just rolled out of bed and I have on whatever's left from last night sexy eyes" haha. I used a hip duo for this one. It was the purple and dirty gold duo that's right below. I love duo's. They give amazing results for half the price of mac shadows.

These pictures are in random order.