Friday, August 21, 2009

Sandy's photoshoot

Hey guys

A few weeks a go I had a shoot with my friend Sandy. It was actually with one of my fave photographers (Ryan Chua) This guy is awesome! The shoot was more sexy and flirty and of course Ryan can pull this off. Unfortunately Ryan was still busy with his other models that were there before us so he suggested that his photographer friend Mike that was there do the shoot for him. I totally trust Ryan so we went along with it and really there was no drastic difference. Mike was awesome. Really laid back like Ryan. No wonder they're friends haha.

My friend Amber (Now my assistant!) wanted to see what a shoot is like especially since she's an MUA in the making. Also she's the one who gave us a ride =] Thanks hon! She did a great job
taking pictures during.

Loved her skirt

Talk about sexy

Back to the makeup, for Sandy I wanted to do something flirty and hot especially since she was wearing her color contacts. And if you haven't noticed already, when I see color eye's I see black, grays, and silvers! We we're rushing a little because of our horrible time management so I did a shorter version using black and silver. Sometimes a little goes a long way. Check out the first shots:

For the next couple of shots I changed up her makeup. I decided to go with turquoise's and blue's. It gave me a chance to use my 120 palette. I like to prove that you don't always have to use high quality makeup to get awesome results. I LOVED how the makeup turned out in the next shot.

Us at the end of the shoot. I had just pulled an all nighter that night so I was BEAT. I could barely smile haha. That's amber on the left, Sandy in the middle, and me looking horrible on the right =[

Bye guys!