Saturday, August 22, 2009

MAC Make up Art Collection Haul

Hey guys

Today me and my assistant Amber went to MAC to check out the MAC Make up Art collection. I had a few things I wanted to get already in mind so I had an idea of what I was going to get. When we arrived there was a sketcher sketching pictures of people. We went straight for the the collection. My first thought was, where's the high strung lipstick? Oh well I guess they ran out. I wanted to get the "in the gallery" quad and the "photo realism quad". In the end I opted for the photo realism quad and the Notoreity quad, personal taste lipglass, violet trance e/s and prr lipglass that wasn't in the collection but got it for my sister.

There was another e/s I wanted to get called strike a pose that was in the "love that look" collection. It was this gorgeous teal eyeshadow. They were sold out =[ I went to the mac counter at my mall but they were sold out as well. Darn. Just have to get it online. So instead I got Sumptuous olive to get over my disappointment.

Unfortunately something is wrong with my scanner/camera thing so I can't put any of the pictures I took. But here's what the products looked like based on the pictures from the website:

Yea I couldn't find a picture of prr lipglass but whatever.

We were there for a total of three hours haha. We looked at the products for a while than their artist sketched a picture of us, went across the street to benefit while we waited for it to be 1 pm. Amber had an appointment with mac to get her makeup done there to see what it'd look like. And even after we got out of there, we still went to the mac counter at our mall to see if I could get Strike a pose there. The collection was pretty good. Definitely worth checking out.

Bye guys!

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