Friday, August 28, 2009

Drudstore products

Hey guys

So I wanted to take some time to talk about drug store products. I know we always want to get a good deal on well..everything ha. Most of us are on a budget and it doesn't always necessarily mean we have to give up a few luxuries like makeup =]. I'm always trying to stress how you don't always have to use high end makeup to get quality results. It's all about your skills and how well you can work with what you have. Even if you had almost the whole MAC collection it doesn't mean you know how to apply it. It's important to know that you can use drugstore products in way that makes them look like they cost you an eye and an ear.

Below are a few pictures of makeup I have done using drugstore products. There might be one or two high end products involved but sometimes you have to mix and match to get the cheap stuff to work haha.

This picture is actually my default that I used as the icon. This is an example of half high end products and half drug store Products used here were:

MAC e/s top hat
MAC e/s avalanche
Loreal hip pigment
Loreal hip shadow duo (Just pink side of the brown and pink duo)
Jordana e/s peach
MAC studio fix fluid
Botanics pearls bronzer
MAC C-thru lipgloss

This is a look I did on a Model who was taking a few sexy shots for her boyfriend so excuse the cleavage ha. Again her I used about half and half

MAC e/s scene
MAC Ricepaper
MAC Blanc type (Best highlight My fave!)
Victoria's secret e/s vice (Best purple e/s I've ever used!)
Jordana e/s
Jordana blush
Elizabeth Arden lip rose
HIP cake liner

I've actually posted a similar picture on here before.
I've done a lot of photo shoots but if I have to prove a point I'll use them a few times haha. Here I only used DRUDSTORE produtcs.

Loreal Hip e/s duo (Purple and gold duo)
Revlon colorstay foundation
Wet n wild lipstick (Forget the name)
Maybelline Blush
Maybelline xxl curl power mascara
Nyx lipliner

The following pictures are looks I created using the 120 palette. No other e/s are used here aside from the 120 palette.

My eye haha. This is actually using the 88 palette

Bye guys!

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looove how defined your brow is.